creaturen over het IJ Festival immersive theatre daan colijn freakshow performance 5D devil imagineering container game freaks handicap strength power


concept | director

5D/Over het IJ Festival 2012

Creaturen is an immersive freakshow game directed by Daan Colijn and produced by 5D for the ‘over het IJ Festival’ 2012.


Get challenged by the Devil. Will you survive his deceiving game? Come inside and get seduced by the malformed, detested and the ones that were pushed aside. Creaturen shows our hunger for stereotypical thinking. The devil happily will make use of our shortcomings and creates with his creatures a game thats difficult to quit.

His play deck, five cards. His arena, a freakshow that you do not forget. In a mix of reality and fantasy, five creatures are presented to the public. Their shortcomings have become their survival strength. Beauty, knowledge, courage, power and love. What will your strength of survival be?

With Creaturen, Daan Colijn creates again an immersive theater experience in which the meaning of being ‘different’ is not only being discussed but also being felt.

concept | director | design: Daan Colijn

actors: Sofieke de Kater
Karin van Dijk
Florian Myjer
Sebastian Mrkvicka
Nils van Gelder

costumes: Dennis Diem

music: Laurens Joensen

technique: Tycho van Iwaarden

illustrations: Isabelle Hörl

produced by 5D