OMA is an immersive theater performance directed by Daan Colijn and Yentl Schieman which took place in an elderly home where we build up "grandma's apartment" in one of the former wings of 'De Overloop'. By using the art of projection mapping grandma is able to show all the emotions that she has while getting physically helped by the nurses. The immersive location based performance "OMA" combines puppetry, projection, and music into an intimate portrait about getting older.

Creaturen is an immersive freakshow game. Get challenged by the Devil. Will you survive his deceiving game? Come inside and get seduced by the malformed, detested and the ones that were pushed aside. Creaturen shows our hunger for stereotypical thinking. The devil happily will make use of our shortcomings and creates with his creatures a game thats difficult to quit. His play deck, five cards. His arena, a freakshow that you do not forget. In a mix of reality and fantasy, five creatures are presented to the public. Their shortcomings have become their survival power. Beauty, knowledge, courage, strength and love. What

We had a lot of fun making this delicious poster for Yentl en de Boer and their absurd and hilarious performance “The candy store is closed”. We came up with the idea of the poster thinking it would not be that difficult to stuff someone’s mouth with candy while looking beautiful and drool-free. In Photoshop we changed the candy and enhanced the girl’s cheeks and put two different pictures together.

This is the second poster for Club Silenzio. This time the nightclub would be transformed into the Silenzio Space Warrior where the audience would observe the many adventures of Captain Jack Connor. On the poster we decided to show his nemesis commander Harrazor, the evilest genius of the galaxy. The trailer of Silenzio in Space shows the premise of the adventure during the performance and the poster makes clear again that we should not forget this mysteriously unpleasant looking man. He might come back for revenge.

Coffee and Cake #2 is a six floored theater installation directed by Daan Colijn and produced by BonteHond for its “Grasduinen” festival 2010. Coffee and Cake #2 is the second installation where Daan Colijn discovers the world of elderly homes and dementia. From his first container performance on Over het IJ Festival 2007 with “Coffee and Cake/Koffie en Cake” till the immersive children’s performance “Grandma/OMA” in 2012.

This was the poster for the first performance of Club Silenzio at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012. It was very important to communicate a theatrical nightclub vibe with a strong connection to David Lynch. My logo design was also visible as a projected neon sign at the entrance of the club. Click for more info about Club Silenzio.

Me and Thijs Meuwese were asked by the television network VPRO to participate in filming our interpretation of a fictional online chat conversation (written by Daan Windhorst) that would be reimagined by four different filmmakers in one interactive film project. Arcade is our directors’ cut from this interactive movie project.