Daan Colijn Portrait 2017

Daan Colijn | Dutch 38

As a director and concept developer in theater, I’ve always been interested in the leisure entertainment industry. One of the most important elements in my profession is storytelling and the way you visually communicate this in an interesting way. I’m building interactive art installations balancing the qualities of theatre and a theme park experience. I like to take the immersive wow factor of an attraction while maintaining a strong and emotionally rich story.

I invent fictional worlds that mix with already existing environments, creating a dialog between the real and the imagined. For me it’s this mixture that makes the story way more believable and intense. By using digital illusion techniques like projection mapping or interaction with virtual character, the audience connects in a more physical and active way.

By thinking outside the “black box” I situate the audience inside a 360-degree experience while being immersed in an unfolding story.