sketch queer monster colorful shadow creature lgbtq+ theatre costume Daan Colijn


concept | directing | performing

Oerol / Pride Amsterdam 2024

QUEER MONSTERS is a walk-around festival performance which will be taking place at the location theatre festival OEROL on Terschelling and during Pride Amsterdam.

Queer Monsters are roaming the island. They explore their surroundings, themselves and each other. The performance celebrates all forms of intimacy. It can be sweet, sexy, brutal, safe, overwhelming, funny, deep, daring and for just a short moment or maybe for a very long time. Let their courtship call impel you to join these creatures on their quest for identity and community.

Let’s celebrate self-exploration in a vibrant display of curiosity and courage!


QUEER MONSTERS performs on Oerol’s festival hub “de Deining” from the 8th till the 10th of June at 16:45 and 19:30.

concept | directing | performing: Daan Colijn

performing: Lana van der Brug

performing: Roos Benjamins 


production: Hedi Legerstee

in collaboration with: Ulrike Quade Company

thanks to: Empowermentfonds Pride Amsterdam, Oerol

sketch queer monster colorful shadow creature lgbtq+ theatre costume Daan Colijn
a sketch of one of the queer monsters for the walk-around performance made by Daan Colijn.

Daan Colijn is a queer theatre maker from Amsterdam. After eight years of traveling the world with his travel blog Couple of Men, the Atelier Oerol alumnus from Louter Kabouter is back on the island. His work often walks the line of what is real and what is fictional, trying to provoke that child-like wonder, even if it’s just for a short moment. With QUEER MONSTERS he is painting with bigger bolder strokes, creating a colorful space that tries to question our general thoughts on gender and sexuality.

Lana van der Brug is an artistic creator, choreographer, dancer and drag performer. After graduating from the Balance 1 Dance Academy in Berlin, she focused on developing her own improvisational language, which, together with the theme of drag, is the common thread in her performances. In 2021, she joined the first Drag King House in the Netherlands, called The House Of Løst Bois, and started working self-taught as a dance maker. As an artist, she is hugely interested in human experiences in our society: how we form our identity and what it is like to grow up in a capitalist, gender-binary society. Through dance and drag, she explores questions arising from her own self-reflection in relation to society. With her performances, she aims to provide a platform for self-exploration and social habituation.

Roos Benjamins is a theatre maker and performer. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2021 and took her knowledge about-and fascination for-the absurdity of fellow human beings’ thinking and acting with her to the Theatre in Education study in Amsterdam, where she will graduate next year. In her makership, she explores how people live together. Themes such as (QUEER) love, connection and ecocentrism recur in her work. She creates imaginative, musical and sensory experiences in which you become amazed and connected. Roos creates her own performances and is part of the art collective Groep Horizon, which creates experiential theatre on location. Roos is also a musician and songwriter of the band ROSAS, which sings about and celebrates women’s love.