Oma Bontehond Daan Colijn immersive theater performance puppetry projection mapping shadow audience elderly home grandma nurse imagineer imagineering


concept | directing | production design | animation

BonteHond 2012

OMA is an immersive theater performance directed by Daan Colijn and Yentl Schieman which took place in an elderly home where we build up “grandma’s apartment” in one of the former wings of ‘De Overloop’.

Grandma finds it more and more difficult to see the difference between the now and the past. The reality of a cut of coffee or the nurse helping her getting dressed start to intertwine with the memories of her childhood and her late husband. There are strange people in the pictures on the wall and who keeps hiding her car keys?

By using the art of projection mapping grandma is able to show all the emotions that she has while getting physically helped by the nurses. The immersive location based performance “OMA” combines puppetry, projection, and music into an intimate portrait about getting older.

OMA is the third installation where Daan Colijn discovers the world of elderly homes and dementia. Former works are the container performance “Coffee and Cake/Koffie en Cake” on Over het IJ Festival 2007 and the immersive theatre darkride “Coffee and Cake #2/Koffie en Cake #2” produced by BonteHond for its “Grasduinen” festival in 2010.

concept | production design | directing | animation: Daan Colijn

directing | music | text: Yentl Schieman

actors on film: Diana Dobbelman
Milena Haverkamp
Merel van de Laar

musici: Remco Sietsema
Milena Haverkamp
Jolle Roelofs

production: Liselotte Bos

produced by Productiehuis BonteHond

thanks to: staff and residents of  care center ‘De Overloop’, Oma Colijn, Simone Hogendijk, Ulrike Quade, Tom de kruif, Juttersdok