Koffie en Cake #2 Bonte Hond Immersive Theatre

Koffie en Cake #2

concept | director

Grasduinen 2010

Coffee and Cake #2 (Koffie en Cake #2) is a six floored theater darkride directed by Daan Colijn and produced by BonteHond for its “Grasduinen” festival 2010.

A group of five people is being asked to explore the different floors of “the Oranjewoud elderly home” in Almere. On each floor, one audience member had to leave the group behind to take place in an empty wheelchair. From here he/she was faced with a 3 min performance about the solitude of dementia. How does it feel if you’re not able to take care of yourself anymore? How do you react on help when you have to depend on it? What happens when you no longer understand that people try to take care of you? Each floor represents the next step in the scale from “you” to “who”.

Coffee and Cake #2 is the second installation where Daan Colijn discovers the world of elderly homes and dementia. From his first container performance on Over het IJ Festival 2007 with “Coffee and Cake/Koffie en Cake” till the immersive children’s performance “Grandma/OMA” in 2012.

“Grasduinen” from Theatre Production House BonteHond, was the place for young artists to experiment with location-based theater. It was also an opportunity to let young creatives get in contact with the city of Almere.

concept | director: Daan Colijn

actors: Wouter van Elderen
Joost Gimbel
Mik van Goor
Kim van den Horst
Janine Krol

techniek: Anouk van Sprundel

produced by Productiehuis BonteHond