Yentl en de Boer - De snoepwinkel is gesloten - poster

Yentl en de Boer

concept | retouching | graphic design


concept | styling: Yentl Schieman, Christine de Boer

concept | retouching | graphic design: Daan Colijn

photographer | retouching | graphic design: Thijs Meuwese

light: Collin Kasper

make-up | hair: Mindy Broek


We had a lot of fun making this delicious poster for Yentl en de Boer and their absurd and hilarious performance “The candy store is closed”. We came up with the idea of the poster thinking it would not be that difficult to stuff someone’s mouth with candy while looking beautiful and drool-free. In Photoshop we changed the candy and enhanced the girl’s cheeks and put two different pictures together.